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Landzen: Sonoma County's Premier Landscape Design – Four Expert Crews and Creative Office Team

Welcome to LandZen, where the art of landscape design comes to life through the meticulous efforts of our dedicated teams. With four expert crews, each overseen by our experienced foremen, and a dynamic office crew comprising talented designers and operations staff, we take pride in offering a comprehensive approach to transforming outdoor spaces in Sonoma County. From the initial conceptualization to the final implementation, our collaborative efforts ensure that every aspect of your landscape project is executed with precision and artistic finesse. At LandZen, we seamlessly blend creativity and functionality to create outdoor environments that captivate and inspire.

In the early phases, our crews tackle various tasks, including demolition and the removal or replacement of yard components. Whether it's building fences, shade structures, laying pavers, or pouring concrete, we handle every detail with precision and expertise. Our commitment to quality ensures that even the most challenging tasks are executed flawlessly, setting the foundation for a stunning landscape.

The LandZen leadership behind our crew

LandZen takes pride in the efficiency and skill of our crews, who work tirelessly to complete projects with the utmost dedication. Every step of the way, we strive to uphold the artistic integrity of our landscape designs, ensuring that each element contributes harmoniously to the overall vision.

Meanwhile, at the office, the design team is hard at work as well. They do it all…from managing the projects under construction to site surveys of upcoming job sites to creating designs from base maps. Our designers are talented and innovative, and up for a challenge that any project may have to offer.

The office administrators are jills-of-all-trades. They communicate with the clients, run errands that come up through the day, take care of the accounting, marketing, as well as perform all the office tasks that help LandZen run smoothly.

And perhaps the most important part of the office...the office dogs! These cuties always know how to put smiles on our faces and love to greet our visitors.

Choose LandZen for your landscape design needs in Sonoma County, and experience the seamless synergy of our dedicated teams. Give us a call to get started! (707) 591-1629

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