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The Workers of Landzen

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

We have three crews. Every morning, bright and early, each crew arrives at the job site and gets to work. In the early stages of the job, they made do demolition or components of a yard that need to be removed or replaced. Or, they could be building fences of shade structures, laying down pavers, or pouring concrete. In the later stages of the project, they will be planting and installing irrigation, installing landscape lighting, and putting the finishing touches on the project. The crews work hard to get things done efficiently and with great skill that does justice to art of the landscape design we have created.

Meanwhile, at the office, the design team is hard at work as well. They do it all…from managing the projects under construction to site surveys of upcoming job sites to creating designs from base maps. Our designers are talented and innovative, and up for a challenge that any project may have to offer.

The office administrators are jacks-of-all-trades. They communicate with the clients, run errands that come up through the day, take care of the accounting, as well as perform all the office tasks that help Landzen run smoothly.

The most important part of the office is the office dogs! We have 3 wonderful canine friends: Charlie, Harry, and Quinn. Charlie is our owner Randy’s dog. He is a loveable and friendly King Charles Spaniel. Harry is our watchdog. He is a little gray curly haired pup who barks to alert us when visitors are approaching! Harry quickly warms up to friendly visitors. Quinn is the biggest of our dogs and she has a big heart too! She is always happy to receive pets from anyone willing to oblige.

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