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Design Process

Whether your project is new construction or a remodel, the professional design team at Landzen are experts at helping you imagine, design, create, and implement your dream outdoor spaces - small or large. 

Initial Consultation

Upon meeting the client at the project site we will gather information regarding project goals, concerns and budget. We will also review photos and discuss high-level design ideas and possibilities.


Design & Budget

Our team begins by conducting a thorough site analysis, measuring and inventorying existing elements. From there, we craft a conceptual plan based on the objectives identified during our consultations, infusing it with creativity and vision. We'll develop a project budget, providing high and low options that align with the project scope and material choices.


Construction Plans

The plan and budget are revised based on client feedback, with adjustments made as necessary. The project scope, material selections, and planting plan are then finalized. Construction details and plans are completed, followed by the presentation of the final plan and construction budget to the client.


Project Construction

Landzen initiates client contact to discuss the project and establish a provisional start date, followed by a pre-construction meeting conducted on-site. One of our designers oversees the project, offering architectural guidance. Change orders are reviewed with the client before project completion. A written punch list is generated during the client walk-through, and the construction agreement is considered fulfilled upon resolving the punch list items.


Aftercare & Maintenance

Our team consults with the client to assess maintenance needs and offers ongoing maintenance services.

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